History of the Eighteenth

Although there has yet to be a book written specifically on the Eighteenth, there have been some attempts at capturing events surrounding the Eighteenth. In the late 1800's a letter appeared in a Pennsylvania newspaper detailing the Eighteenth's role in the Battle of Fredericksburg and asserting that it was the Eighteenth, not the Twenty-eighth that made it closest to the sunken wall. There was also a rather detailed history of the unit published in a historical society's newsletter in the early 1900's. The only modern publication on the Eighteenth is Thomas Mann's Fighting with the Eighteenth, which gives an excellent overview of the daily life a soldier during the war. Until a more comprehensive history is published, we present the following links which give brief overviews of the history of the unit and the flags it carried.

Unit History - Coming Soon - Adapted from Massachusetts Sailors and Soldiers in the Civil War

Unit History - A very in depth history of the unit from James L. Bowen's Massachusetts in the Civil War

Flag History - Learn about the flags that were carried by the unit during its time of service.

Medal of Honor Winner -The 18th had one of its own win the Congressional Medal of Honor. Learn who it was and read a very good newspaper article on the presentation.