Field Staff of the 18th Massachusetts Infantry
Last Name First Name Age When Mustered Marital Status Occupation Place of Residence State Rank When Mustered Date of Muster Comments
Almy Sanford 31 Single Merchant New Bedford MA 1st Lieutenant/Quartermaster 9/25/1861 Mustered out 9/2/1864
Barnes James 55 Married Civil Engineer Springfield MA Colonel 8/24/1861 Promoted Brig. Gen. 4/23/1863
Brown Orlando 34 Widower Surgeon Wrentham MA Assistant Surgeon 8/24/1861 Discharged promotion 12/14/1861
De Costa Benjamin F. 30 Single Episcopal Priest Charlestown MA Chaplain 12/6/1861 Discharged disability 8/4/1862
Hastings Benjamin F. 26 Single Surgeon Lenox MA Asst. Surgeon 3/13/1863 Mustered out 9/2/1864
Hayes Joseph 25 Single Banker Boston MA Major 8/24/1861 Promoted Brigade Commander
Hodges George F. 24 Single Lawyer Roxbury MA Adjutant 8/24/1861 Died of disease 1/31/1862
Holbrook William 38 Married Surgeon Palmer MA Surgeon 1/13/1862 Mustered out 9/2/1864
Ingraham Timothy 51 Married Merchant New Bedford MA Lt. Colonel 8/24/1861 Discharged promotion 8/18/1862
Ingraham William M. 20 Single Clerk New Bedford MA Commisary Sergeant 8/24/1861 Discharged disability 1st Lt. 2/23/1863
Isbel John D. 21 Single Clerk Springfield MA Quarter Master Sergeant 8/24/1861 Died of disease 7/16/1862
Merriam Joseph W. 26 Single Surgeon Boston MA Asst. Surgeon 8/14/1862 Commissioned U.S. Vols. 1/21/1863
Nelson Abial W. 26 Single Surgeon Taunton MA Assistant Surgeon 1/10/1862 Discharged disability 7/31/1862
Onion Edward M. 24 Single Clerk Dedham MA Sergeant Major 8/24/1861 Mustered out as Captain 9/2/1864
Sherman Horace P. 23 Unknown Druggist Boston MA Hospital Steward 11/28/1862 Mustered out 9/2/1864
Silcox Edwin F. 28 Unknown Surgeon Springfield MA Asst. Surgeon 8/19/1862 Dismissed from service 1/6/1863
Smith David P. 29 Married Surgeon Springfield MA Surgeon 8/24/1861 Discharged Comm. Officer U.S. Vols.
Vaughn Cyrus M. 45 Married Carpenter New Bedford MA Drum Major 8/24/1861 Mustered out 8/11/1862
Wilbur Joshua G. 37 Married Surgeon Boston MA Asst. Surgeon 3/2/1863 Discharged disability 10/31/1863